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Arrow” star Stephen Amell set out on a mission to join the campaign, F**k Cancer when his own mother battled cancer in 2012. According to Amell’s personal Facebook page on September 28, 2014, Stephen has passed his own personal goal of selling his own F**k Cancer themed shirt.

“My mom was going through chemotherapy in April of 2012 and she and I just took a photo outside of a bar in Toronto when I was visiting. I was just giving the middle finger to the camera — representing ‘f**k cancer,” He said. “At the time, I didn’t know there was a charity called F**k Cancer. They got in touch via Twitter and we’ve been working together ever since,” Amell stated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Amell held a meme contest on his Facebook page. The winner was chosen to be printed on a new round of t-shirts, tanks and hoodies. The photo ended up being a photo of Amell with a sticky note on his forehead stating “F**k Cancer Sinceriously, Captain Amell.” Stephen and F**k Cancer partnered with Represent, a new site which allows celebrities to crowdfund merchandise.

Amell had a goal to sell at least 500 shirts when the campaign started. That goal was surpassed within hours. The next goal was 10,000 before the campaign ended. At present time the Represent campaign shows 10,291 shirts sold and 4 days left in the campaign. It has been stated that Amell has already raised over $150,000 for the charity with this t-shirt campaign.

Stephen posted a photo on his Facebook of his daughter, nestled inside a giant cozy hoodie, and Stephen, stating “We just zoomed past 10,000 shirts! Did you know there are hoodies?!?!?! Big day!” He goes on to say, “The next landmark is $200,000 raise for F8ck Cancer. Can we hit a quarter million? I think we can.” That’s 10,000 shirts sold in 16 days!

With Captain Amell leading an army of 2.5 million, he’s sure to pass his goal. It also helps that random buyers of the shirts are receiving a Skype one-on-one with Mr. Amell himself.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of Stephen Amell’s shirt on Represent go to the charity. F**k Cancer is a nonprofit organization with a goal of throwing events all over North America to give young adults (and even those who are not-so young) a unique bonding experience if they have experience cancer in any way. Entrance into these events requires a t-shirt rather than a ticket. There are many more options available if Stephen Amell’s version isn’t your cup of tea. Money rose from t-shirt sales and events goes directly to major cancer research facilities all over North America. You can find them on their homepage, Facebook and Twitter.

Stephen Amell plays the lead character Oliver McQueen on the CW series, “Arrow.” “Arrow” returns with season three on October 8th, 2014.


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